Making sense of search engine optimisation with SEO guru Jim Stewart

SEO for experts


The sheer thought of search engine optimisation – or SEO as it’s more commonly referred to – is probably making your eyes glaze over as we speak!

Let’s face it, SEO is something we know we probably should do something about (if we want to be found online via Google and other search engines) but equally, it’s often seen as some mysterious ‘dark art’ and because we don’t understand it, it tends to get pushed aside while we continue to pump out online content for our audience.

But, it must be said, SEO is starting to come in from the cold and is more and more being seen as a legitimate science and art and something content-producing thought leaders need to get their head around, if only the basics you can do yourself.

Should you want to invest further, there are reputable people like Jim Stewart available to help.

The point is, whether you try and do it yourself or employ someone to help you, savvy SEO practice – when undertaken within the bounds of what’s acceptable by Google standards – should be on your ‘must consider’ radar.

Introducing Jim Stewart … 

jim_stewart_@jimbootJim Stewart (left) is a legend in Aussie SEO circles.

In this interview with Jim – dug out from the PR Warrior vault especially for REPUTATION REVOLUTION listeners – we chat all things keywords and search engine optimisation, and in a language we can all understand, including:

  • Keywords and phrases
  • Google Authorship
  • Google Trends (tool for checking key phrases)
  • Creating buyer personas
  • Guest posting and content duplication
  • The importance of Google+

Basically, Jim demystifies SEO and shows how to approach search strategically for your business.

What is SEO? (sourced from Jim’s website):

SEO or Search engine optimisation sometimes known as search marketing, also known as online marketing. SEO is not about trying to trick Google. SEO is about thinking of the Google bot as a librarian and making sure your site is tagged & sign posted properly so Google knows how to rank it.

Search Engine Optimisation is about business. Not technology.

About Jim …

Jim is the guiding light behind Melbourne SEO company StewArt Media and is a bona fide thought leader in his own right.

He has been ‘doing’ content marketing long before it was fashionable, having started video blogging in 2006 (although he was active in online video as far back as 1999!).

Anyone who produces 400+ (weekly) videos aimed at educating the public on SEO topics such as Google authorship, webmaster tools, backlinks and keywords – giving away his ‘secrets’, his stock-in-trade expertise and knowledge that he charges good money for – should be applauded.

Jim’s video blogging efforts – plus his regular activity on social networks such as Twitter (@jimboot) – has helped him build a reputation as an authority on SEO and search engine marketing nationally and beyond.

Hope you get something out of the interview with Jim Stewart!

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