How Ross Clennett leverages the power of blogging, Twitter and LinkedIn to flourish in a business-to-business niche



In this episode of the Reputation Revolution podcast, Trevor Young chats with Ross Clennett (above) – an Australian-based speaker/trainer/writer/coach known as the ‘Recruiter’s Recruitment Expert’.

Ten years ago Ross was leading a team within a medium-sized recruitment agency; his career had flat-lined and he was experiencing something of a “mid-life crisis” at the age of 36. Today he’s what I like to call a ‘micro maven’, a business professional who has established a reputation as the go-to person for recruitment agencies wanting to become better businesses. As a consequence, he:

  • coaches owners and leaders of recruitment agencies;
  • trains via webinars and live workshops;
  • presents at events (typically internal recruitment agency conferences);
  • operates an online membership site where people pay an annual subscription and get access to live webinars and recordings of past online events.

Ross a big believer in social media and chats about the important role blogging plays in the success of his business; he is also an avid (and strategic) user of Twitter and LinkedIn.

Commitment to himself

Ross’s business evolved some six or so years ago. He was a recruitment coach at the time but then he attended a thought leaders conference in Sydney, was introduced to the concept of ‘infopreneurship’ and “the light went on” about his niche. From that point he made a commitment to himself to concentrate on recruitment agency training, coaching and the delivery of expertise via multiple avenues.

While he’s growing his business and managing multiple income streams at any one time, Ross also believes in work-life balance. He lives (and works) by the Victorian coast on the Mornington Peninsula, about 65 kilometres from the CBD of Melbourne, and works about 35 hours a week, which he says helps him to be the father (and husband) he wants to be.

It’s a good yarn and will be of particular interest to those professionals operating in the B2B space who are seeking a more purposeful and balanced approach to work.

Connect with Ross:



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