How Bluewire Media creates web marketing that works, with Adam Franklin


The world of marketing is changing at a fast rate of knots. That much we are all very aware of.

Content is increasingly playing a crucial role in attracting the public to your company’s virtual door; social media is becoming important in humanising a corporate entity and making it more friendly, accessible and responsive to an organisation’s constituents; while tools and technologies are at once making life easier and more difficult (oooh, another ‘shiny new thing’ to play with).

I have a train of thought I’m going to explore over coming blog posts around purity and heart when it comes to social media and content marketing versus calculated tactical measures designed to boost web traffic and customer conversion.

Somewhere in between the ‘artist’ – the pure content creator who produces words (and/or audio and video) with the goal of empowering, challenging and inspiring people around a particular issue or topic, and the more calculated internet marketer who wants to drive traffic and conversion via their website – lies the marketer and/or business person with heart and smarts. It’s a bit of a rare combination.

bluewire mediaI put the founders of Bluewire Media, Adam Franklin  and his business partner Toby Jenkins, in this unique middle space. They are passionate entrepreneurs with heart who genuinely like helping people. BUT … they’re also super-savvy when it comes to the tips and tricks of web marketing trade.

It’s a pretty powerful combination, the result of which can be found in their new book just published by Wiley, called Web Marketing That Works.

In this video interview, Adam explains: 

  • the power of giving away your IP (and how he and Toby give away 90-95% of what they know in terms of web marketing);
  • the importance of developing buyer personas and writing a blog to showcase your knowledge and ideas;
  • why a valuable piece of signature content can be an effective in building a email subscriber list for your business (for example, Bluewire uses a web strategy planning template that has been downloaded over 10,000 times)

Adam also chats about why you should consider writing for other people’s blogs perhaps more so than on your own blog; he also provides a simple explanation of how he sees SEO and the role it plays in web marketing today.

I hope you enjoy the interview.

Please check out (and subscribe to) our podcasts on iTunes – we’re adding to our list of interviews on a regular basis.


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