The LAW OF ATTRACTION 3.0: Achieving personal business success in a noisy, socially-connected world


Some eight years ago a personal development juggernaut called The Secret hit the big time, and then some!

The Secret started life as a film that was turned into a book before exploding into a multimedia extravaganza that kick-started a global movement. At the heart of The Secret is what is commonly referred to as the Law of attraction, the tenet of which is that positive thinking can create life-changing results such as increased wealth, improved health and greater happiness. According to WikipediaThe Secret book has sold more than 19 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 46 languages.

Millions of people around the world believed in the promise of the Law of Attraction, although it must be said many millions more did not give the concept much credence. However, the goal of this post is not to dwell on The Secret‘s take on the Law of Attraction and whether or not it has the potential to bring personal fulfilment to ordinary folk; I’m happy for you to make up your own mind on that score.

Reason for this post is that I want to float this concept by you: I call the Law of Attraction 3.0 (there is a 2.0 floating about, it looks like it mines similar territory to 1.0). Think of it as giving the age-old Law of Attraction a reboot, re-energising it for today’s socially-driven, connected economy. But be warned, it requires some serious work.

What is The Law of Attraction 3.0?

Put simply, the key tenet of the Law of Attraction 3.0 is about putting yourself out there on the social web (professionally and personally), using online networking sites and new media platforms to increase your visibility, spread your ideas, deliver value and grow your influence and reputation.

Do this with passion, purpose and strategic intent over the long haul and you WILL see benefits.

Connections will be made, relationships will be cultivated, doors will open and opportunities will come your way.

In other words the Law of Attraction 3.0 is all about leveraging the social web to attract attention in a positive way, to give  people a better sense of who you are and what you stand for, to demonstrate in a public, real-time online environment your thoughts, ideas and expertise.

You are making it happen, or what best-selling author Seth Godin likes to say, you’re “picking yourself” rather than wait for a gatekeeper to recognise your talent and give you a break.

Grabbing all

I want to stress however this is not just a case of simply having a bright and sunny outlook and as a result positive things will happen (although they might – good things do happen to good people!). You need to do the work!

It’s also not a case of simply jumping on to Twitter and tweeting to your heart’s content and KABOOM, opportunities will drop into your lap from the virtual sky. Sure, you will probably make friends as a result if being active on Twitter, which in turn will no doubt lead to the odd opportunity here and there – being connected does have its advantages! – but it’s only a small part of the overall ‘attraction’ equation.

No, I’m talking more about sustained activity carried out with enthusiasm and purpose, activity that has been strategically planned but imbued with enough flexibility so you’re able to see, as well as capitalise on, opportunities as they arise.

Establish your home base!

The Law of Attraction 3.0 starts with the establishment of an online content home base – essentially a blog, but you may wish to make it a video or podcast channel on a third-party ‘sub-hub’ such as YouTube or iTunes (preferably you’d own your own digital real estate, but that’s a story for another time). With your home base, or hub, established you need to populate it with a steady stream of original content that educates, inspires, empowers or entertains an audience.

It continues with a daily ritual of sharing not only your own original content but links to other people’s articles and videos and podcasts. Spend time reading, curating and distributing this content; do it with as much enthusiasm and purpose as you can muster.

Futurist and anthropologist Brian Solis calls this “relentless giving”,  the act of repeatedly creating and sharing content that benefits others, again and again and again.

GO DOWN THIS PATH: Over time, a confluence of things will occur that will change your life; note – this is not a silver bullet and the same things won’t happen to everyone, but you’re putting yourself in a wonderful position of making your own luck. You’re picking yourself!

You will get noticed by people who are interested in your stories, your thoughts and your ideas. Some will even share your content with their personal and professional networks.

You will be followed on social channels by people who – because of your efforts – will get to know, like and trust you. THIS IS A GOOD THING!

You will connect emotionally and/or intellectually with a wide range of people, some of whom will recommend you to their friends, peers and connections.

You will come to the attention of influencers such as bloggers, podcasters, journalists and maybe even radio and TV producers; these people will seek you out for quotes for stories, or they may want to interview you and put the result to air so many others – thousands, potentially – will get to see you in action!

Event organisers will ask you to speak, whether it’s on a panel at a seminar or delivering a presentation at an industry networking night or professional conference.

Increased levels of credibility

This in turn will have the potential to lead to all sorts of opportunities such as consulting gigs, other speaking engagements, maybe a media interview or the possibility of writing a guest post on an influential blog, or even partnering on a cool community project or startup commercial venture.

More speaking gigs will lead to a higher profile and increased levels of credibility; your social following will grow as will the number of subscribers to your blog or podcast or online video show.


By now, your communications platform will be in place, in turn helping you to attract even more opportunities to write articles for other blogs and online media outlets – again resulting in more followers, more sharing of your content, more ‘social heat’ around your thoughts, opinions and ideas. And so it goes!

Enhanced reputation

Who knows, your enhanced profile and professional reputation might even lead to you getting a book deal from a mainstream publisher, or you may decide to go it alone and publish your own book. If this happens, combined with everything else you’re doing, releasing a book will add an extra (and valuable) layer of credibility to your name and reputation.

The Law of Attraction 3.0 is not about putting out a positive vibe so the universe comes to you (although there’s certainly nothing wrong with having a sunny disposition!). It’s about earning the attention of people (including influencers), and attracting the opportunities as a result of your efforts in delivering value to a growing audience, over time, without the expectation of getting anything in return. Positive thinking is one thing, but adding value publicly – relentlessly – and with purpose and authenticity is what it’s all about in a 3.0 age.

Give it a go!

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