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I recently published an article about a small US pen, paper and ink company.

The article was essentially a case study on how pen-turning enthusiast Brian Goulet (pictured below) and his team from The Goulet Pen Company were using social media and content marketing to full effect, and that we could all learn a thing or two from their efforts.

I had written the Goulet case study from research and my observations only; I had never met anyone from the Goulet Pen Company prior. However, once the article was published within no time Brian popped by the blog and left a detailed and heartfelt comment; I also connected with his wife Rachel Goulet on LinkedIn and his sister Andrea (Goulet Ford) on Twitter – ya gotta love social media!

With the connection made, I asked Brian if he’d be up for recording a podcast interview so we could take a deeper dive into the Goulet story – I wanted to find out why and how he was doing what he was doing in terms of social and content, and what (if any) lessons he’d learnt along the way.

It’s a great yarn – here is the result!

In the interview, we discuss:

  • the Goulet Pen Company approach to content marketing;
  • the origins of Brian’s blog Ink Nouveau and how he knew nothing about (video) blogging when he first started;
  • the influence Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crush It had on the Goulets;
  • the time required to create and share educative content on a relent;
  • how social media is now part of the fabric of the Goulet company;
  • the power of an e-newsletter (and why making it personal increases the likelihood of it being opened);
  • why being enthusiastic and genuine is critical to content marketing success.

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