What is a ‘micro maven’?


The emergence of the social web has seen the rise and rise of a new breed of entrepreneur who is creative and connected, prolific and passionate, socially savvy and community-minded.

These new-look entrepreneurs are the product of today’s ideas economy, fuelled by new media technologies that allow them to expand across the virtual globe, winning fans and advocates, allies and supporters — and, importantly, generating business — often from the comfort of their own home (or even on the road somewhere).

I call this new breed of entrepreneur MICRO MAVENS (they’re the subject of my book microDOMINATION).

Micro Mavens are enterprising individuals who have developed an online platform for their voice and their ideas, and built a personal brand that’s trusted and respected; they continue to grow businesses that generate multiple sources of income, while at the same time managing to live a flexible (and quite often location independent) lifestyle that fits with their work, not the other way.

The microDOMINATION community is dedicated to helping experts, bloggers and the like to become micro mavens – to develop and build sustainable mini-business empires around their personal brand.

In its purest sense, microDOMINATION is about freedom and chasing your dreams; it’s about pursuing a lifestyle that’s going to make you want to jump out of bed every morning, and get out into the world and make a difference!


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3 thoughts on “What is a ‘micro maven’?”

  1. Linda Harrison

    This is such a bright concept. SInce I am running my own blog sites, I wanted to be one of these micro mavens who can work on based on my own lifestyle, develop my own ideas into success and make my own little creation to be a source of good business.

    1. Not necessarily Sara. A true micro maven might have a substantial and loyal following on Instagram, but they’re likely to also have a blog or a podcast or YouTube show along with one or two social media channels.

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