microDOMINATION book officially launched at Social Media Club event


Panellists at the launch of microDOMINATION book – from left: Darren Rowse (caught Instagramming from the stage!), Valerie Khoo, Nicole Avery & yours truly on the microphone; photo by Yvonne Adele

My book microDOMINATION was officially launched last night at an event held in conjunction with Social Media Club Melbourne.

Great crowd, a trending tweetstream with the hashtag #MDbook, and an awesome panel of special guest ‘micro mavens’ Darren Rowse, Nicole Avery and Valerie Khoo who generously provided their perspectives on everything from building a community of fans and prioritising their social media endeavours, through to development of multiple revenue streams and an increasing focus in the use of Google+ as a social engagement platform.

The panel conversation did deviate at times to such topics as driving cats down Australia’s Hume Highway and the non-waxing of bald heads, yes folks, all the big issues were covered!

(NOTE: You can download a free e-sampler of the book here)

(A bit of a shaky Vine from the stage at the microDOMINATION book launch event.)

When asked what he thought was the most common trait micro mavens mentioned in the book shared – for example Trey Ratcliff, Chris Brogan and Jonathan Fields – Darren aka Probloger said they were all “constructive” individuals.

Darren has taken this thread a step further with this follow-up post on Google+; he writes:

When you look at what they’ve built over the years you can see the trait again – day in and day out they use their time to build something that is useful for their networks, readers and followers.

The books and blogs that they’ve written have been positive and full of constructive advice. Their tweets are largely positive and the communities that they form are largely positive and constructive too.

(Read Darren’s full post)

New Breed of Entrepreneurs

5579_151438968350841_961178985_nThe central tenet of the microDOMINATION book is based around the emergence of what I dub ‘micro mavens’, a new breed of entrepreneurs who have developed their own global media platform and built their personal brand via social media and content marketing strategies, while at the same time growing significantly-sized businesses literally from the comfort of their own home or for some, on the road somewhere.

Parts one and two of microDOMINATION introduces the concept of the micro maven and examines the seven powerful characteristics they share.

Part three of the book introduces the micro maven blueprint and outlines how someone with a passion for, and expertise in, a particular subject can develop their own platform, build their personal brand, grow their business based on their skill and knowledge, and ultimately create a lifestyle tailored to their individual needs.

Part four features five profiles of micro mavens in action, including unconventional entrepreneur, Chris Guillebeau; podcasting queen, Mignon ‘Grammar Girl’ Fogarty; and New Zealand’s Natalie Sisson, aka ‘The Suitcase Entrepreneur’.



Buy a signed copy of the book here


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